Thursday, May 1, 2008

I went to a big band concert tonight, and for some reason it spurred a chain of thought in my head that led me to wonder: What would come up if I googled Ben Tevik, the clarinet soloist from the show. Answer: a few little things about his performances, little aside from that. Then I started thinking...What would I find if I googled myself? The answer was very interesting indeed.

Top Five Items (At The Time of Search):

1: (to be expected)

2: A comment left on a not very close friend's Myspace, made by another not very close friend, in reference Flight of The Conchords and how much I remind her of Jemaine. Once again, to be expected.

3:Someone's Blog?

This is a blog entry, made by someone that I can't identify, though I'm sure that I at least know of this person...Surprisingly decent photo, obviously from a time when I still smoked (which I still really want to do)...Interesting comparison in regards to my music though...Green Day? Really? Regardless, I was pleased as piss to find this strange item.

4: A write up? No.

This one is a story about the show that Young Mothers was going to play with those bands from China before their visas were denied. Score for being compared to decent Gibbard material and NMH. Oh, and for being mentioned next to a picture of Jackson Browne!

5: Fashion Galor

I still can't believe that this was published. The fact that the Wildcat stands for the shit that Dumka or however her name is spelled vomits out and into their newspaper perplexes me constantly. Anyway, sweet photo of a sweet shirt and a big smile!

How strange life/the internet is...

Final Remarks: Fuck the tools for inserting links. They suck, and I hate them. Also, I'm growing out my hair like that one musical, and I'm going to have huge sideburns from now on.



Jason P. Woodbury said...

Dude, you do look like Jemaine and that's great.

I love Woven Hand.

That's it.

Zachary Toporek said...

Woven Hand?